Biznet Internet Solutions

Biznet Internet Solutions

Marketing Automation

Seeking true ROI from your digital marketing efforts? Grown skeptical of "likes" and "shares" and other soft ROI measurables? Marketing automation is the answer. If you haven't heard of marketing automation, think of it this way: MA is to online as lean is to manufacturing. MA integrates all of a company's digital activities - email, web, social, content creation -- into a targeted, lead-generating machine.

Marketing automation isn't new. Fortune 500 companies have proven its success. Thankfully, MA is no longer just for the big guys. Fast-growing small and midsized businesses are picking up on it, too. At Biznet, we specialize in bringing marketing automation within reach of everyone. We call it the Ultimate Lead Machine. Want to know more? Contact us to find out how.

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Kentico CMS DevelopmentKentico CMS Development

Standout online and improve customer service with your customized Kentico website by Biznet. Satisfied clients trust the experienced Biznet team to develop and deliver unique sophisticated Kentico websites. Kentico is an enterprise-class content management system (CMS) with a strong API for powerful fully integrated functionality and customizable features.

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Healthcare Web Solutions

Benefit from a flexible web development partner familiar with HIPPA when you choose Biznet. Biznet is an experienced and dedicated partner of healthcare providers for designs and solutions of all your web-based needs and concerns. Biznet has developed websites for regional medical networks, hospitals, doctors, and dentists. They understand the issues involved working in a HIPPA compliant IT environment. Healthcare providers from the individual medical professional to the large multi-city medical network can all confidently rely on the strategic and tactical support of Biznet.

Mobile Websites & Apps

Get faster and leaner with a mobile solution from Biznet. Connect with your target audience through mobile websites, mobile apps, and mobile landing pages. Biznet creates responsive designs that increase your company presence everywhere your customers are, and offers access to your clients through their smart phones and tablets. Best news? Like a mobile phone, it'll go easy on your pockets. Biznet is devoted to the success of your business and ready with a cost effective mobile solution.

Marketing Services

Get found online and improve marketing ROI with Biznet, an internet marketing specialist. Biznet has the expertise and technical staff to make your digital marketing strategy a success with web-based marketing options that are more focused, more transparent, and deliver more measurable results. Biznet puts their knowledge and resources to work for you, and has experience in Advertising and Marketing clients in a variety of industries.

eCommerce Solutions

Sell more product, reduce sales cost, and increase your market share are all possible with a Biznet eCommerce solution. The Biznet web development and marketing experts can help get your product in front of your potential customers with a targeted marketing strategy that brings them to your secure online store. Biznet is able to optimize and market your current website, build a new custom eCommerce website, or employ a larger digital market plan to generate valuable sales to meet your business goals.

WordPress Website Development

Get great results with a Biznet custom Word Press website. Word Press is an open source blogging tool with a dynamic content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Building upon the strength and flexibility of the Word Press CMS, the custom website can be efficiently updated and maintained by the client. A well designed Word Press CMS website can save website maintenance time and money.

Agency Support Solutions

Expand your agency's offerings with the integrated digital marketing success of Biznet through our agency services. Deliver the technical services you need to provide your clients the value you know they deserve. Biznet has a long-standing history of partnerships with Ad Agencies since the early 90's, and works as an invisible member of your team, at healthy margins for your agency. Agencies can confidently rely on the support of Biznet to deliver digital marketing and web development expertise to address the online business needs of the strategic Agency partner, as well as complete web outsourcing capabilities to support the tactical Agency partner. Biznet works side by side with the partner Agency and the client to ensure success.

Dynamic Staffing

Make more happen by harnessing the strength of Biznet's dynamic tactical web team. Biznet offers complete flexible web outsourcing capabilities to respond to your changing web needs as they grow and contract. Biznet's complete business analysis, web development and web hosting services are an effective alternative to hiring full-time IT employees. The Biznet staff is located in southeastern Michigan, and operates successfully throughout North America.